Diseases From Pigeon Droppings
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Pigeon Droppings Can Contain Diseases

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Is pigeon feces dangerous to Breathe or Touch?

It's never a great idea to come in contact with any animal or bird droppings, and proper hygiene is a sure fire way to be certain no disease is ever spread. That being said, there are a number of concerns in regards to pigeons, as they often move into buildings easily. There are three human diseases which have a link to pigeons.

Histoplasmosis is a disorder caused with a parasite that is found worldwide in certain lands and in pigeon droppings. Normal activities may cause a person being exposed to the disease; however you may need to breathe in a enormous amount of the fungus in order for it to cause disease.

Symptoms normally manifest within ten days of exposure and include fever, fatigue and chest pains. However, most individuals do not develop infections even though considerable quantities of people are exposed to the fungus through regular activities.

However, as with Diseases From Pigeon Droppings, this fungus is found worldwide in soil and is related to pigeon poop, but not exclusively. Only people with compromised immune systems are actually in danger of contracting this disease from pigeon droppings.

Psittacosis is a disease caused by a bacterial infection. This disorder is rare, and most frequently affects parrot and parrot-like birds such as cockatiels and parakeets, but could also affect pigeons. Symptoms generally occur about ten days following infection. They include, fever, chills, rash, fatigue and headache. But this disease can be treated only with an antibiotic.

Raccoon poop is dangerous

It's worth mentioning that fewer and fewer cases of the disease are reported in the USA annually according to the CDC. And in 70 percent of the reported cases the disease was from a pet bird rather than feral pigeon poop. People most at risk are pet store owners or employees, bird owners and people with compromised immune systems.

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