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Keeping Alligators Away Is Very Important

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Can you keep away alligators? Alligators are a component of the crocodilian family of reptiles but they shouldn't be confused for crocodiles. The only place that crocodiles live is in Florida and the remaining states are inhabited by alligators. Alligators are a semi aquatic creature that can search and live in both water and on land that is exactly what makes them so terrifying; they could turn up suddenly anywhere anytime if you live in a place that has them. Alligators are more comfortable in the water than they are on land, but they like to sunbathe themselves since they're cold-blooded animals like the rest of the reptiles. Gators eat a varied diet of small animals such as rodents, birds, rabbits, fish, snakes, etc. and just how they wander from their primary territory is dependent upon how much food can be found.

Alligators are often classified as a pest species because of people's fear of the animal and worry over security of pets, worry over security of children, worry over security of adults!

For these reasons, lots of folks desire to have nuisance alligator trapped and eliminated. However, as you may imagine, it is not so straightforward.

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Alligators aren't an issue for most of the North American continent, but if you happen to live in a place that's populated by alligators then you understand the danger that accompanies these animals well. Alligators are largely a nuisance and a threat because they wander from place to place seeking food and a nice place to get some sunlight. This is the cornerstone of a bad situation for you, your kids and your pets if you're unaware that there's a gator in your yard or even on your property. If you should end up in this circumstance, here are a few do it yourself tips to eliminate alligators.

The number one thing you need to do for alligators would be to keep them from coming into your yard. For example, put up a nice and sturdy fence around your whole property. Be certain to go with the best stuff on this as alligators are extremely strong, it's preferred that you have a privacy fence so the gator doesn't see a yummy snack and opt to break in.

Another thing you ought to do in order to make an alligator less inclined to get into your yard is to make it unattractive to them. Maintain your cover on the swimming pool when it's not in use and lower their food source on your premises. When they don't find anything yummy to eat, they likely won't remain too long. Keep your gates shut and your doors closed all the time; no exceptions. This sounds counterintuitive to feed them, but you may be amazed at how many individuals believe that the gators residing in the water close to their home are like extended family pets. Never do so as the gators will begin associating you with meals.

If these preventative measures have not worked and there's an alligator in your yard, here are a few things you ought to do. Firstly, don't approach the gator even if it's small. Back away slowly from the gator making sure to not create any sudden movements. You can't do this yourself and you will need to call the police. After you've done this, tell your neighbors that could be in danger too.

There are definite things you shouldn't do if you encounter a gator on your property that includes: not feeding them, never try to trap the gator, poison them, take them, wrestle them. All of these are very bad thoughts and will put you and everybody around you in serious danger. There are pros out there to handle alligators, and besides avoidance steps, this is one creature which you can't get rid of by yourself.