How To Kill Armadillos
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Euthanizing Armadillos

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I am imagining that you are having a issue with armadillos.They're probably digging up your lawn, filling it with holes, throwing dirt everywhere. Maybe they are digging up your own landscaping. Maybe you've got a huge gap, an armadillo burrow, next to your home or under your shed, and there is a giant mound of dirt there. Whatever the situation, you need those pesky armadillos gone! You need to kill the armadillos!

How do you kill an armadillo? You could try toxin. You can go to the neighborhood department store and at the wildlife eradication aisle, there should be various selections of toxin for armadillos. Just sprinkle it on your lawn in which the armadillos are feeding, or pour down the hole, and it is going to kill the armadillo no difficulty.

You may try a deadly body grip trap, like a connibear 120. Locate the armadillo burrow, and place the trap right over the pit, then when this dumb brute walks into the trap, WHAM, it is dead. Why not get your trusty rifle or shotgun, and shoot the armadillo to death? But why are you even on this armadillo page if you have got a strong gun handy-dandy locked and loaded in your side?

In case you have not guessed, I am joking about these methods. If you really want to kill armadillos, there is no one stopping you. It is not against the law, so far as I know, though you may want to check your state's regulations. However, I am here to tell you that if you merely have an armadillo issue which you would like to resolve, there is a much easier way to do it than killing them. Killing them is hard, and it takes work, and it is potentially dangerous for you as well as other creatures (those body grip traps are killers of everything, from dogs to cats).

Basically, you only have to get a large sturdy cage trap on the armadillo's route, or even right over the burrow. Make sure it's flush with the ground and does not rattle. If you need assistance with trapping - and to tell the truth, experience does help a lot with trapping success - and need an expert to help you, you can call a Professional Wildlife Removal Firm in your town.

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Unless you would like to kill one to eat it. Some people do hunt and kill armadillos to consume them, which I advise against, since it has in fact been documented that this is a way for people to contract leprosy. I'm really kidding here. There's absolutely no effective or registered armadillo toxin out there. How the heck would you get an armadillo to consume it? Armadillos eat ALL their meals from the ground all live earthworms and grubs. So even if you could locate an armadillo poison, there would be no way to administer it.

These body grip traps are real, they're used by sub-par fur trappers, and they do work. Yes, you can kill an armadillo with a deadly body death-grip trap. And they very often kill animals not intended for the trap. They're hair trigger. When an opossum, skunk, groundhog, or worse, a puppy goes snooping round the burrow and the trap - that is what these creatures do - they are likely to be snapped to death or ensue a gruesome injury. And really, these traps aren't intended for armadillos, using their bony armor. I don't believe this is a good choice in any respect.

It would actually be rather tough to shoot an armadillo to death. Armadillos sleep 20 hours a day. They only come around for a couple of hours at night, and then they move around fast, rooting in the soil. It might be tough to find the animal and shoot it in the dark. And if you reside in a neighborhood, it is probably illegal for you to dispatch a firearm there anyhow.

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So there you go, I really do believe that trapping in cage traps is undoubtedly the simplest solution for armadillo control. It's a fact that once in a trap, you can kill it then, but I have worked with these animals for several years, and I really do think they are terrific creatures. They can live quite a while, and I do not believe that they should be killed. However, it's your call.

There's this study that's been going around recently, saying that armadillos can transmit leprosy to humans, and they have actually been recorded to have done so, and that one of the primary causes of leprosy transmission to individuals is from eating those animals. Yes, people do eat armadillos, I have heard of it many times. I have travelled to the south, where there is a charming mixture of armadillos, that have a southern selection, and folk who prefer to eat and shoot critters. So yup, the armadillo has found its way onto the dinner plate, and apparently in some rare instances, it's transmitted leprosy.