How To Remove A Dead Animal From The Attic
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Make Sure You Remove All Dead Animals From The Attic

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Animals very commonly live in the attics of houses and buildings. Thus, they frequently die within the attic. If this happens, you're likely to wind up with a terrible smell inside your property. The interesting thing about a dead creature in an attic is the odor is truly usually stronger inside the home than in the attic itself. The attic is usually well-ventilated. However, the stench of the dead creature collects and lingers in the house below. The odor is generally strongest in the area beneath where the creature died.

Removing a dead animal from the attic or crawl space can be tricky for three reasons. First, the given area of the attic where the animal died might be quite tough to access. Not all attics are simple to crawl around in. Some are extremely tight, and have inaccessible locations. Architecture varies. The creature may have died at the edge of the attic, or worse, in a cathedral ceiling or another spot. When it's inaccessible with a lanky human like me, I sniff the specific place, and cut a hole in the ceiling, and eliminate the animal like that.

Secondly, the animal often dies burrowed beneath the insulation. That makes it challenging! Difficult to sniff out, and obviously impossible to see. I love to wear a respirator in attics, so I do not breathe too much fiberglass dust, but if there is a dead animal in the attic, I am forced to sniff a whole lot of fiberglass.

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Third, attics are well-ventilated, so it is often tough for the odor to collect in 1 area. It is often better to narrow down the attic area while INSIDE the house, where the odor molecules linger. If you have put rat poison in your attic, then I guarantee that you have some dead rats or mice in your attic and walls - possibly several.

The elimination of the dead carcass is 90 percent of the issue, obviously, and if you allow the house air out then, (opening windows helps) the odor will be eliminated very quickly. If you do not remove the dead animal, the horrible stink will stay in your home until the creature completely decomposes and gets eaten by maggots, and the entire process will take a bit more than a week with a small animal like a mouse or rat, and more than a month with a large animal like a raccoon or opossum. I really do recommend that you have the animal removed. The terrible odor will go away within an hour.