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Like most other repellents used for wildlife animals, they're targeting the skunk's sense of smell. When successful, repellents save homeowners the expense of repairing damaged facilities and also, keeps the possibility of zoonotic diseases at bay. The skunk is especially notorious for being a significant provider of the rabies virus. Scary! Generally speaking, most repellents are not very powerful. The best strategy is habitat modification. (Read here about the best way to keep skunks away). But I'll be honest, if repellents and habitat modification do not work, removal and trapping is the only real permanent alternative. If you require skunk help, click on the directory of Professional Wildlife Removal Firms , and you will discover a skunk authority in your city or town.

SKUNK REPELLENT - It's important in using repellent substances, to mark out the skunk's favorite spots in your house and its damage locations. Skunks will also leave little, cone-shaped holes in your yard and garden when they dig grub. These products come in liquid spray form and might require mixing with other components. Nevertheless, these predator urine-based products don't exactly have a fantastic history in repelling skunks. If you are able to source it, then straight dog urine has a slightly better chance. Spray garbage cans, wood piles, plants and other surfaces that your skunk finds intriguing. Don't forget to shake spray before using.

Repellent granules: these can also be formulated based on predator urine and may be used to force a skunk from its burrow. Sprinkle granules in the entrance of the burrow so the skunk will need to walk on it when it enters and leaves. Ideally, the irritation brought on by the repellent will make a skunk uncomfortable and finally drive him out.

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Spray them on trees and other areas where you have seen traces of a skunk. Proceed with caution however, particularly in the case of the pepper spray because it can have distressing consequences on unintended targets -- children, pets, or even the individual applying it. Ammonia is reputed to repel most wildlife because of its pungent smell. Ammonia is very distressing to the nose and eyes of wildlife and has a much better chance at being successful when implemented within an enclosed area.

Digital sprinklers: these are put out in the yard and if triggered by an inbuilt motion sensor, would startle any creature that moves with a burst of water. This chemical-free choice is intended to startle them into running away. Largely effective, as skunks are inclined to avoid such places, but again, if there's food to be attained, they find a way around it with time.

Scatter lemon or orange peels around your house and under your deck or porch. You may nevertheless consider using solar light or energy-saving lighting to avoid paying high electric bills. This will discourage the skunk because it's nocturnal by nature.

Note: It is imperative that you examine your skunk's behavior patterns and den places well enough before deciding which repelling solution to use. Chemical repellents will need to be reapplied every few days, particularly after a rain. Digital repellents on the other hand need little maintenance along with being eco-friendly. So as to increase your odds of succeeding at repelling skunk, you might join more than one repelling solution.

In reality, keeping skunks out is beyond the scope and power of any repellent because the battle for survival is true for all these creatures and they almost always find a way around our repellents. The very best means to deter skunk would be to eliminate all attractants and exclude them from your property. If you currently have a skunk neighbor, humanely remove them with live traps and execute repairs to block all entry points into your house. You might choose to hire a wildlife specialist to skunk-proof your residence. It's much better to trap a skunk, and more effective occasionally to perform skunk relocation instead of attempt a spray or powder. To find out more on skunk repellent, and to get a recipe to dissuade skunk spray odor, visit my skunk removal advice page.