Skunk Under A Shed, Porch or Deck
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Finding A Skunk Under A Structure

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A lot of times, a skunk which is a pest would ramble into open outhouses, and leave its persistent, musky smell everywhere it visits -- under a building, shed, porch, or maybe a woodpile. Skunks have a tendency to dig little, cone-shaped holes in the yard and consume low garden plants; they ruin landscaping when they dig under the dirt to look for insects and worms to eat. If you need skunk help, click on the directory of Professional Wildlife Removal Firms, and you will discover a skunk authority in your city or town.

Luckily, the prominent black and white coloration of the skunk's coat makes it readily recognizable so that potential victims can escape the obnoxious secretion.

Getting rid of a skunk that's taken up residence in your shed frequently takes a combination of intelligence and prevention strategies, with humane removal. Live skunk trapping is among the very best techniques to control skunks although the challenge for most people is in not wanting to get sprayed.

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Setting a Trap Purchase a moderate to large steel cage type of trap, usually about 10" x 12" x 30". They are spring-loaded to close the door on the animal when it gets lured inside. Raccoon traps are amazing for catching skunks too. You might choose to use marshmallows as bait in the trap in order to prevent catching neighborhood stray dogs or cats. Otherwise, use peanut butter, fish, or any other strong-smelling food. Position the trap along the skunk's route or facing its den on your porch. Allow the trap to be shaded and flush into the floor. Check the trap frequently for early detection of a grab. In this manner, the animal doesn't last for so long. Retrieve successful trapped skunks relatively soon after they are trapped. Get a big, old towel or sheet and hold it in front of you as move to the trap. Skunks do not usually spray if they can't see their target. Approach the trapped skunk quietly; do not make any sudden moves to prevent startling it. You may even hum softly. As soon as you're within reach, drape your towel/sheet over the cage. Relocate the trapped animal a few miles away from the premises, preferably into a woody area. Cover yourself completely clothing and heavy gloves while on this assignment. The skunk might have become agitated during this time. They usually leave the traps calmly but it's ideal to take these precautions in case it decides to spray.

Try using a Havahart Easy Set Trap. These traps have a lever in the back of the trap to open the door, which ensures you are totally clear of the doorway and the skunk. Live-trapping and relocation is the only fool-proof procedure to eliminate skunks. The majority of skunk repellents don't work and only constitute a waste of time. Homeowners must also avoid using poison or other inhumane method to eliminate their skunk pests. There is actually no need to kill the skunk under a porch, also it virtually always sprays when it's killed, leaving you with a horrible odor and a carcass.

Exclusion Plans - When you have successfully eliminated a skunk living under your deck, shed, or other construction, it's vital that you set up an exception barrier - steel mesh around the perimeter of the construction. Whatever you do, just make certain to block unwanted access to your deck or porch.

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A warning: Skunks are seldom active throughout the day and though the sighting of one in daytime might only be attributed to hunger, it might also indicate that the skunk is rabid! Be aware of signs such as circling motions, disorientation, limb weakness, unusual boldness or unusual tameness. If some one of these abnormal behaviors are detected, you should not try to eliminate the skunk on your own, but alert your community animal control, a wildlife expert, or the police department for support. A skunk under a deck or shed can leave droppings behind. To find out more about skunks under a deck or shed, visit my skunk removal information page.