Snakes in the attic

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Why are there snakes in the attic?

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Yes, snakes really do sometimes live in attics. The snakes that do are of course “climbing” snakes, like the Yellow Rat Snake I caught from an attic. This sort of snake is not venomous, but a lot of people don't like the concept of snakes living in their attic. And baby snakes, if born in the attic, will become everywhere!

In every case I have seen with snakes in a attic, there were also rodents in the attic - usually rats. Rats leave a very distinct odor, and snakes follow the rat paths up into the attic, to be able to catch prey. Provided that there's food, the snakes will live there. Snakes can fit into tiny spots, so they can get to any area a rat can. Needless to say, among the best ways to address a problem with snakes in the attic is to fix the rodent problem .

EVIDENCE LEFT BEHIND: Snake skins, obviously, and I have seen attics with various shed skins.

METHOD OF CONTROL: Mothballs or ammonia will not make them leave, neither will ultrasonic sound emitters or strobe lights. The best bet is really to fix the rat problem and eliminate the odor that is bringing the snakes in the first place. Needless to say, seal shut any areas that either snakes or rats may use to enter the house.

The way to locate a snake in your attic - It can be tough to locate a snake in your attic. These animals aren't likely to leave behind a lot of droppings or debris. Although, a lot of people do find shed snake skins at the attic. The best thing you can do to find the wayward snake in your house or attic is to think like a snake. Keep in mind that snakes don't need to stay inside the home, though they do often chase rat odor into the attic. Occasionally they enter by mistake or because the base crack they reside in connected to the inside of your home. In the event you were a scared snake, where would you go? It's not likely that you would stay out in the open. A frightened snake will search for places around the house where it could hide. This includes the undersides of furniture and appliances. In the attic, they could conceal even better down walls or under the insulation. If there's a dark crevice, that should be your first field of examination. It can be a daunting task to search an entire attic for a snake, regardless of the creature's size. House pets are often adept at discovering wild invaders, but make sure that your cat or dog doesn't try to eat the snake after it's found. Ideally, your very best bet for finding a snake in the attic and getting it out, is to decide on a snake trap.

The way to get snakes out of your attic - The first step to getting rid of snakes in the attic is to seal the hole or gap that's allowing them inside. This is frequently the gap in which a soffit meets against shingle roof, but it may also be any portion of an eave which has an open gap, and roof vents or soffit vents that are uncovered are typical snake entrance places. If the soffit goes against a brick outer wall, then that leaves gaps that lots of snakes can match in. Most snakes won't linger when a person enters the attic. They are most often close to their den cracks, and they slither in when you walk nearby. Use this chance to seal off the gap from the inside, or out if you can not access the area in the attic. If you wish to be certain you completely eliminate the snakes from your house and property, consider sealing up the hole from the outside of the house. This will trap the snakes inside and let them be captured. You may wrangle the snakes by means of a glue trap or by picking them up and putting them in a pillowcase for relocation. Handling snakes isn't as terrifying as it appears. If you grasp the creature behind the head and support the lower section of the body, the snake will be simple to control. You just have to get it up to the pillowcase. Regardless of the cringe factor related to the legless creatures, snakes do a wonderful thing by getting problem fleas and rodents of insects.