Are Foxes Dangerous?
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Be Cautious If You Have Foxes in Your Area

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Lots of folks consider the fox a dangerous creature. I know, because I get a good deal of concerned phone calls and emails from people that are concerned that a fox will cause some injury to them.

Are Foxes Dangerous For People Or Pets? It's a fact that to find a fox in a location where people live is a strange sight and nobody should ever attempt to corner a fox so as to grab it with their bare hands since they will become aggressive when cornered. But generally speaking, foxes aren't especially dangerous to individuals or some pets. They'll feed on livestock that's small like poultry, rabbits or other small newborn animals. There have been instances where there have been a few attacks, but generally speaking it isn't a frequent occurrence. The cases where there's been an attack have occurred while the fox is defending itself, its own den or has been pushed into this extreme because of a scarcity of food. The reason they don't attack dogs, cats or people is since they're not something that a fox sees as prey. Even though it might happen that a fox tries to strike a puppy or more likely a cat, they'll be scared off when the noise starts or if a cat's claws come out.

Diseases They Could Carry: The one danger that foxes do pose is the threat of disease. They're a potential carrier of rabies and a bite can cause an infection. They are also able to defecate near where people live and the bacteria can spread when the stool dry or if a dog gets too close. This has the exact same effect as dog feces and when a fox has gone to the bathroom in your garden you need to wash it, just as you would when a dog does it. The more likely situation is you won't be affected by the diseases that foxes carry, but your pets will be more vulnerable to them. Mange, by way of instance can affect dogs but the disease is easily treated and won't kill the dog when the treatment begins. The worst case scenario is baldness in your pet unless it's not treated.

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Risk To Humans: There have been some documented instances when a fox has assaulted little children, but in fact there aren't that many situations where that occurs. Attacks on humans are extremely rare, but sadly they do get a whole lot of press and that provides foxes a bad name. The simple fact is that foxes are extremely careful at what they do and while it may happen that they move into a home by accident, they will look for the exit once they realize there are people inside. There have been instances when a fox was credited with an assault, but in fact the offender had been another creature. There's absolutely no reason to fear a physical assault from a fox on a human. Even in situations where a person may be near its den, a fox will attempt to guide the individual away by escaping.

Keep Them Away: Despite the fact that the fox doesn't represent an immediate threat you shouldn't let them near to you. There's the possibility of the earlier mentioned disease, as well as the mess they can make around your dwelling. Foxes are scavengers and when there's an easy meal to be consumed in your garbage can, then they're going to go for it. While there isn't much to fear from foxes you must always approach with care and if you're among those rare instances where a fox goes to a home then you're better off calling pest management. There's a myth that foxes are harmful to people, but the reality is that foxes have a whole lot more to fear from us that we will from them.