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Wombat: One fewer than two bats

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Today I got a very interesting call from a property manager in Orlando Florida. she called me and said that they have a three-story parking garage or the residents of the apartment complex normally park their vehicles every night and for the past 3 months every morning the residents are seeing poop all over cars and it wasn't until last night right around dusk when they saw a large flock of bats flying into the parking garage. I've never really heard of bats in a parking garage so this was a first one for me so I told the lady not a problem I'll set up a free inspection go out there and take a look and see what the issue is.

When I get to the parking garage I could not believe my eyes I have never seen an infestation this bad literally there must have been thousands of bats. this was a three-story parking garage, whoever built the parking garage left about a quarter-inch to half-inch space in between the pores of the concrete slabs. this half an inch of space is all that bats need to roost. a bat Roost is where the bats find an area pet shelters them from the exterior. so with this situation you have 3 stories of concrete slab parking garage with half inch space everywhere there are tons of different areas in which the bats can go and hide Roost and seek shelter and that's exactly what they did. I started walking around in the guano, bat poop, was everywhere and in huge piles. also the smell from the bat infestation was horrendous. normally when a customer has bats in the Attic there's a light ammonia smell, but with this infestation and there being so many bats I could barely breathe I ran back to my truck and grab my respirator. I started walking around the parking garage and I couldn't keep up with the amount of bats that were there and then I started to think will this parking garage is perfect for them. we don't have any caves or caverns in Central Florida, instead the bats turned this parking garage into a modern day cave. it had everything that they needed Shelter the bottom floor of the parking garage had a huge puddle from the rain, and because of the puddle there were going to be mosquitoes which provided a great food source. I looked at the property manager and I said you've got to condemn This Bat Cave parking garage it's clearly not safe with the extent of the amount of bats in this parking garage it's only a matter of time until a tenant walks in here to go to their car and gets attacked by the bats and if the tenant gets attacked there's a high chance that they might get infected with rabies. and even more important all of this bat poop has bacteria histoplasmosis hantavirus ecola salmonella roundworm. the list goes on and on and I told the lady this is crazy I've never seen anything like this bat infestation in my life.

She asked me Brendan are you going to be able to get rid of my Bats??!! I kind of just looked at her, and after a brief pause, I said Yes.

My plan to remove the bats was pretty elaborate. In order to remove bats you need to close everything off except for one main access point because bats fly. If you do not seal everything up first and try to remove the bats all they are going to do is fly and infest another area. That is why whenever I am doing a regular residential bat control job, I do a full exclusion on the home close off every access point and every potential opening on the structure. Then I find the main roositing point and put a valve up. A Valve when installed correctly is essentially a one way door it will allow for the bats to leave but not come back. now when the situation of the parking garage and given the infestation was so elaborate and literally thousands of back and I'm not exaggerating here there must have been at least five to ten thousand back it should have been a registered Colony the only time I've seen this many bats is when I did a trip in Texas and I visited the San Antonio bat Caverns with this was in the middle of Orlando Florida in a parking garage. So what I proposed was to net off the entire parking garage this is where you put Nets over every single opening on the exterior but that's with an essentially completely closed off the parking garage once all of these openings on the parking garage or closed off with the Nets I would think create a massive one way door on the top floor. the concept was all the bats wouldn't be able to fly out your fly and then once they were trapped they would make their way to the top and that's where the one way door would be and it be able to get out of the parking garage and not come back in.

Bats in Parking Garage

Once all the bats were removed I planned on completely pressure washing and cleaning all of the parking garage due to the sheer amount of bat guano that was in the parking garage and the threat of any type of disease or transmitting of the bacteria that is in bat feces and bat guano. after this awful decontamination of the parking garage The Next Step would be to rent scissor lifts in properly seal off all of those quarter inch openings on all of the interior of the parking garage.

From start to finish I figured that would take me and a crew of eight technicians easily 2 months. the price was very hard to do this job do the simple complexity of the job the amount of Labor and how challenging This Bat removal for the commercial property actually would be.

I gave the property manager The Proposal, and she nearly shit in her pants. I looked at her and I said listen there's really no other way around this this is a very big job and I do not think there would be a lot of companies that could even try or attempt to do a job Like this.She agreed with me and she understood the entire process it all made sense to her but she said honestly I don't know if the board is going to approve but I told her I understand I know commercial properties go through a bidding process and it's not the easiest to get something like this approved but I told her that the end of the day at least you have my opinion on it I'm very good at what I do and if you guys need any help or any second opinions just give me a call.

Hands down the right of everything that I've seen this had to be one of the most interesting complicated and extreme jobs I think I've ever gone out to!

Bat removal in Florida is extremely important and often both difficult and dangerous and should only be performed by a wildlife expert like 24/7 Wildlife Removal. Bats are plentiful in Palm Bay FL and can be found in all buildings, homes, churches, businesses, stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, essentially any structure in Florida can be a home to a colony of bats. Bats in Florida like to fly in the highest spaces of 15 feet or taller, this helps them avoid their natural predators, that’s why the like to make their home in your attics, especially in the two or three story homes and buildings.

Inside your Palm Bay Florida homes bats prefer to generally defecate in one specific area, and that feces, referred to a guano, is very dangerous to humans and is full of disease causing bacteria that include histopalsmosis and the hanta virus. Both are deadly if contracted by humans. This guano will build up quickly, especially when there are large numbers of bats in the attic and will cause health problems for the human inhabitants of the home.

Noises during the early evening and dusk hours, hearing the bat’s usage of eco-location or chirping, a rancid smell of bat guano, and the site of bats inside your home or in your outdoor areas are all signs that you have a potential bat infestation in your Palm Bay, Florida home. You should call 24/7 Wildlife Control for the humane removal of the bats, bat control, a full cleaning and sanitation of your attic against the diseases bats carry, and sealing of all entry points created by the bats. In Florida bats are a protected species and only professionals should handle and work with them, they help to control the mosquito population and are extremely beneficial to the environment, but they are a health hazard when they decide to make their home in your Palm Bay Florida home. Call 24/7 the safe and humane removal of the bats, a thorough cleaning of the space they occupied, and sealing of all entrances they used to gain access to your home.