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House sitting vacant while you are attempting to sell? Looking for a new resident? Wild animals are happy to move right in! Today we got a call from a realtor because there is a mystery animal who has moved into a vacant home that she is selling. The animal has chewed through the fascia in the roof where there had previously been a minor hole and made a nice door for himself to come and go as he pleases. We set up for our local manager to go out to the home and evaluate the situation, he will go into the home and get on the roof to find out what type of animal it is and how it’s getting in. Even though the home owner does not currently live in the area, we are able to go out and conduct our free inspection. We offer exclusion, where we will find all access points your unwanted house guests are using to enter your home and seal them up! Working with the home owner and the realtor we will be able to trap, remove, and seal up this house to prevent any more wildlife from moving in. Not sure what type of animal it is? Not to worry, our team is highly trained and educated in all local wildlife and will be able to discern what creature is lurking in your crawl space. We also offer sanitation to remove any feces and urine left behind, that can carry various strains of bacteria and even diseases. Rest assured no more unwanted guests will be showing up to party while you’re away, all of our work is guaranteed with a one to three-year renewable warranty! Don’t let an unwanted tenant prevent you from selling your home! Call 247 Wildlife Services for all your wildlife removal needs!