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This morning at 2am we got a call from a customer who woke up to scratching noises. When he turned on the lights, he found there was a rodent in his bedroom! Mice/rats are very versatile and invasive creatures. They will chew through anything to find a nice warm area to call home, Soffit, drywall, etc. They will nest in your attic, make tunnels through your insulation, and even use your walls as passageways to scurry through your home. All the while leaving droppings and urine through out! If you have seen one rodent, more than likely you have a complete infestation. As long as they have food, water and way in and out of your home they will live quite happily. Lucky for this customer they called us and we were able to come out same day! Some people attempt to rid the pests on their own by setting out poison. While this is effective in killing some of the rats/mice, it will not rid you of the complete infestation and will result in these rodents crawling somewhere in your attic/walls and dying. Leaving you with an awful smell on top of your infestation. Here at 247 Wildlife we don’t use poison, we will send a manager out for a free inspection to analyze the situation, figure out what your rate of infestation is and write you up a proposal. We offer trapping and removal, exclusion where will find and block off all access points to your home to prevent them from coming back, and sanitation to clean up all feces and urine that they have left behind. Rest assured this customer will not be waking up to anymore unwanted guests in his bedroom. All of our work comes with a one to three-year renewable warranty to protect you and your family from any wildlife invading your space in the future. Call 247 Wildlife Services for all your wildlife removal needs!