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Bat Facts

They are the only mammals that can truly fly

Florida has 13 resident bat species

Florida's native bats are insectivorous, meaning they eat insects including beetles, mosquitoes, moths and other agriculture and garden pests.

In Florida, bats mostly mate in the fall and winter. Most female bats give birth to only one baby bat, called a pup, each year.

They normally give birth from mid-April through July, and their young begin to fly within 3 to 6 weeks.

If bats become a nuisance for a home or building owner a bat exclusion has proven to be the only successful method of permanently removing them.

Trapping bats as they exit a building does not work either because bats are frequently injured or die in the process of being captured and transported to a new location. Furthermore, bats moved to another location will almost always return to their old roost, even if it requires flying many miles. Trapping bats is illegal in Florida.

It is also illegal to conduct a bat exclusion during the maternity season, which in Florida is defined as April 16 through August 14. The maternity season is the period of time that mothers give birth to their young and nurture them to adulthood.

Bats are beneficial to people and are an important part of the ecosystem. The state’s native bats help keep insect populations under control, with the average bat eating hundreds of insects a night. In addition to the benefit of keeping mosquitoes and other night-flying insects at bay for residents enjoying the outdoors, the dollar value of insect suppression by bats to U.S. agriculture has been estimated to be in the billions.

As beneficial to the ecosystem that bats are we can understand that you would not want them nesting in your home. Centurian Wildlife is fully licensed and insured in Bat Removal. We will be happy to come out and provide you with a free inspection today!