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Animals in the Heat

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Florida Summers

Central Florida summers sure are hot! With the temperatures rising up higher than 90 degrees, not counting the humidity, it’s no wonder animals are looking for a cool place (such as your home) to hide out. It’s also mating season! What does that mean for you? Raccoons, squirrels, and rats are all looking for a nice safe place to have their babies, which could mean your attic! Hearing some rumbling or scratching above your head? Notice a hole in your soffit that wasn’t there last week? Call 247 Wildlife Services to come out today for a free inspection. One of our highly trained and educated Managers will get in your attic, up on your roof and around your property to find out how and what wild animal has moved in. Don’t worry, the heat won’t stop us! Earlier this week I personally watched our guys get up on a roof in 90-degree weather to close up the access points on a house that was dealing with not only rats, but a mama raccoon. Exclusion is key when dealing with any type of unwanted guest getting into your home. Removing them is one thing, but if you leave the way they got in open, all their little friends are going to follow the trail of pheromones let behind. 247 Wildlife will not only trap and remove the animal/s from your home, but also close up all access points to prevent their friends from coming in as well. We will also sanitize your home of all feces, urine, and pheromones left behind to make sure your home is clear of the many bacteria and diseases wild animals carry. Call us today to set up your free inspection! All our work comes with a one to three-year warranty to ensure your home stays wildlife free.!