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My name is Ilene and I work in the office of 247 Wildlife Services. Recently I spent a week on the road with one of our Lead Managers, Solomon to see what our guys do while they are at your homes. During this week I watched Solomon conduct multiple free inspections, including a home in the lovely Bay Side lakes area of Palm Bay that had such a bad rat problem the house literally reeked of dead animals. The moment you walked in the door you could smell the rotting carcasses of the rats. Before calling us, the home owner attempted to take matters into their own hands and had put rat poison in the attic. While this may have worked to get rid of a few of the rodents, they ate the poison and crawled somewhere in her walls/attic and died. Leaving them with a rat infestation and an overpowering, disgusting smell. Here at 247 Wildlife we do not use poison to kill the animals. We trap these pests and remove them from your home so that there is no lingering smell from a dead body. Solomon climbed right into that attic to see what the rate of infestation was. He was then able to provide the home owner with a proposal for trapping and removing he rats. We also offered exclusion which is closing all access points so the rats are no longer able to get it the home, and sanitation to remove all feces and urine that is filled with bacteria from the attic and insulation. You could see the relief on the home owners face knowing that we were going to get this taken care of and that they no longer would have to worry about their very lovely home smelling or being infested with rats. Call 247 Wildlife for all your wildlife removal needs!