Do Rats Destroy Insulation In The Attic?
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Attic Insulation Can Be Destroyed By Rodents

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Among the main things to consider in regards to maintenance of your attic is the insulating material found there, it plays an extremely significant function in the health and effective operation of your home. Rat infestations in the attic can cause difficulties for the insulating material, so once you do go in the attic, it's necessary to watch out for the symptoms of such infestations.

Construction Nests From The Attic: One of the main reasons that rats will actually result in damage to insulation is they see the soft substance of the insulating material as a fantastic material that they can use to create their nest. The end result of this is that they'll tear and shred the insulation so they can then use the material to construct their nest, so one thing to look for when you're analyzing your attic is signs that the insulation was shredded or torn. Another issue that rats may cause when it comes to insulating material is that they'll use the material for a latrine, and this is something that can be a huge problem which may be signaled by stains and little black pellets of feces in the fabric of the insulation. The actual issue due to this is that it has health consequences, since there are diseases that may become airborne in rat urine which may then become a substantial problem for people who go in the attic.

Other Issues Caused By Rats In The Attic: While the insulation is one place in which the rats can cause problems, this is surely not the only issue they can cause in the attic. Rats are also naturally inclined to gnaw, meaning that they can damage wiring and the woodwork within the attic itself, while they also tend to expand on the amount of holes that they can use to get in and out of the attic. For those who have identified a rat problem in their attic, you'll have to perform the remediation in two phases. Step one is to trap all the rats in the attic, and then you can handle the damage they have caused. This may involve sealing all the holes they have created to stop other rats from getting in, and then cleaning and decontaminating the attic. Return to the Rat Removal page or read my guide to ways to eliminate rats.