Free Wildlife Removal?!
2018 Update to Pest Wildlife Management

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Where Can I Find Wildlife Removal At No Charge?

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If you want free wildlife elimination, I propose the following; Call your local city or county animal services and ask if they will help with the wildlife issue. Call the local police or sheriff's office, and ask if they will help with the wildlife issue. Call the local fire department and ask if they will help with the wildlife issue. Call a local wildlife rehabilitator and ask if they will help with the wildlife issue. Solve the problem yourself - that I provide a great deal of do-it-yourself manuals on this site.

Can I hire a professional, or eliminate wild animals myself? There is a few variables that you need to consider, what animal are you currently dealing with and how confident are you in managing the animal safely for both you and the creature. For those who have any questions about whether you can take care of an animal, like a full-grown adult male coyote, I would suggest some type of professional help is almost mandatory. A good deal of people will refuse to deal with a few types of animals, mostly raccoons because they think there's an high chance they could catch rabies, the real odds of catching rabies from a raccoon is nearly zero

Remember when dealing with wild animals most of them don't want anything to do with people, to almost all wild creatures humans are predators, not just predators but what naturalists call apex predators, we're on top of the food chain so any creature like a raccoon or a squirrel looks at humans as being possibly the most dangerous creature there ever likely to experience. Their fear is warranted as for every human killed or injured by an animal every year millions of animals are killed by people and that's just in America. The surprising part is almost all humans do not like killing animals they aren't going to eat, and most people today do all their hunting in a grocery store not out in the forests.

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Additionally as people tear down more creature habitats and build urban sprawl a good deal of animals are being pushed out or need to learn how to adapt to an urban way of life, the two most prosperous adapters so far are raccoons and coyotes, both these animals have many generations that were bred and born in urban areas, they are perfectly adapted to living around humans and our constructions. If you release one of those animals out in the woods to "relocate" it" back to where it came from" the animal will certainly die because it has no clue how to live in the wilderness environment.

For those who have any questions about either your capacity to deal with the animals safely or you simply don't want to do it then by all means call an expert, the community animal control service can provide you both advice on the best way best to manage animals and on local professionals. The best recommendation will frequently come from a neighbor who's used that particular professional service, so ask around. In the long run, doing it yourself is the best way to find free service!