How To Trap A Raccoon
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Trapping A Raccoon Takes Skill

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ONE: When the raccoon is residing within the house somewhere, like the attic, there are probably infants. So don't trap the adult female till you've remove the young, by hand.

TWO: When the raccoon is causing an issue outdoors, like tipping over the garbage cans or pooping in the pool, remove the thing that's bringing the raccoon - for instance, put bungee cords on the garbage cans, and place a spike board back on the pool steps.

THREE: in the event that you've got the babies in the attic removed, or if there is no way to avoid the raccoons from causing mayhem, trap and remove. Check your local state laws . It might not be legal for you to trap, or it might not be legal to relocate raccoons.

FOUR: Buy a big cage trap, at least 32x10x12. Set it on a level surface, and be sure that it doesn't wobble. Make sure it isn't out in sunlight.

FIVE: Monitor the trap often. It could misfire, you might catch a stray cat, you might leave an animal suffering in hot/cold weather, etc.

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SIX: When managing the trap, be very careful. Raccoons can reach from the cage a few inches. Wear thick leather gloves, and keep the trap away from your body.

NINE: Please be aware that although it might appear easy, raccoon trapping is truly a complicated matter, and there are numerous factors that beginners do not realize. Raccoon situations change, and trapping is truly rarely the reply to a raccoon issue.

Take care when releasing it.