How to Remove Armadillos:
2016 Update to Pest Wildlife Management

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Sanitizing after Armadillos!

Hi my name is Brendan Mangnitz, I have been in the Nuisance Wildlife Removal industry now for nearly 6 years since I graduated from College at UF with a background in Entomology and Wildlife Biology. I have seen and controlled just about any wildlife issue you may think of. I have dealt with Armadillos in apartments complex, Armadillo removal from your everyday house hold, Armadillos in the Attic, Armadillos digging up yards, Armadillos in Pools, Armadillos stuck in Chimney’s, and the list goes on and on. I have used several different control and removal methods for Armadillos and that’s what I want to share with you guys on our website here at

Armadillo poop is dangerous

Clean up the mess behind No one said this was all fun and trapping games, Armadillo removal is hard and dirty work, but it's got to get done. Now that you have trapped the Armadillo, gotten the Armadillos out of the Lawn, did the animal exclusion and repair work, you are on the final steps to completing the job. The last thing that you want to do is remove all the mess that the Armadillo left behind in the Lawn. This is honestly one of the most important parts of Armadillo removal and my how to guides for removing Armadillos and getting rid of Armadillos, but so many time Garden owner’s skip this step and have more and more issues in the future.

Why: Feces Urine contaminates, this is all bacteria in the Lawn. Do you want this in the yard, lawn or garden when your kids or pets are playing around back there? NO that is why it must be removed. Remember the harms from the Armadillo poop I was talking about before? Well that’s in your Lawn, you want to remove that asap. Breathing in bacteria from a Armadillo infestation can be fatal and causes many other severe respiratory issues. You will want to wear a full Protective suit and make sure you are fully covered and protected, you can uses a shop vac with HELP filter or use your hand and bags and start removing all the areas in the garden or lawn that has been contaminated and also all the feces and urine areas, these are called Latrines, when Armadillos defecate in one single area. Once ALL the contaminates from your Lawn and from the Armadillos are removed you will want to apply a product such as DSV to all of your Lawn.

You can use a little pump spray like this one from your local hardware store and apply all the product to the insulation and Lawn. Make sure you read the label and use the correct amounts. Here at 247, I, Brendan Mangnitz, use heavy duty equipment like an atomizer , when I am doing any type of Lawn sanitation. For my customers I wasn’t to make sure that EVERY single section in the Lawn is fully taken care of and nothing is left behind. If you are ready this how to article and want to do this yourself just make sure you do a very good job, don’t cut any corners, and be extremely proficient to ensure the safety of your family.

And that is my How to Guide when it comes to Armadillos on your property and how to remove them. Like I have mentioned my name is Brendan Mangnitz I have being doing pest wildlife and Armadillo removal now for over 6 years. I have worked and trained 100’s of people of the past years. It takes time, skill, and patience but removing Armadillos can be dangerous, but is also something that we deal with on the daily here. Armadillos have learned how to thrive and do great in the urban setting. This is not something that is going away. With more and more houses coming up every day, more lad being constructed and developed we will always have issues with Armadillos in the garden and lawn. Just read and learn how to protect yourself you family and your home and you should be good to go. If you have any questions you can email directly at or call my cell 1-321-236-9031 any time of the day or night 24/7 THANKS!