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Rats are sneaky, crafty little critters! Rats can fit through just about anything, if a rodent can get its’ nose and whiskers in, then the rat can squeeze its whole body through that hole. Generally speaking, rats only need about a ¼ inch of space in order to gain access, while a healthy sized rat will require about a ½ inch space. Given the lack of space that these rodents require in order to gain access to your home, it’s no wonder why so many of us have issues with rats in the attic at some point in our life. Take a minute and walk around the exterior of your home, take a look at the roof, look at the soffit, look at the fascia, and look at the walls. How many times did you count openings to your attic that were only ½ inch? Probably quite a few, huh?

pictures of rabid rats

Rats are very good climbers, their claws and light body weight allow them to climb almost any type of surface. Rats originally lived in forests, where they would climb trees, hills, or anything really to stay out of harm's way. Well, look at the side of your home, there is a lot of texture on the exterior. The bricks provide texture, the stucco provides texture, wood hardy board has texture, and the list goes on and on. Then look at the gutters, look at the trees, look at your bushes, there are a ton of areas around your home that provide the rats and rodents with ample opportunity to gain access to your roof and to all these ½ inch openings that you have identified as access points for rodents.

diseases from rat poop

What is the best thing that you can do to prevent the rats from getting into your home, you may ask. Simple, take away the sources that they use to get into the attic. Trim back your trees and bushes so they are not against the house, this way the rats can not use them to get into your attic. Take metal or steel mesh and close off all the areas that look to be potential access points for these rats. The more proactive you are, the better your chances of not encountering a rodent infestation will be!

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