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How to keep squirrels away from your yard and home

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The Best Way to keep squirrels out of the attic. Squirrels are typical attic intruders; they love attics. They get comfortable with people really quickly and create the attic of your home their new house. If they can't locate an immediate or quick way to get in, they'll chew through an area to make a way in for themselves. They may even jump in from a nearby tree, directly into your attic. However, as adorable as squirrels are, they're still dangerous creatures that carry diseases and damage your home. If you do not want pesky squirrels tearing up your attic, there are a few things you can do to help prevent them from making your attic their home.

Sealing all of the Entry Points. Another important thing that needs to be done is closing of the entrance and exit routes the squirrels may be using. They go out during the day and sleep through the night, so during the day time, go into your attic and seal any areas that you see daylight coming into the attic. Try to find any type of light which may be coming in through small openings. Using wire mesh to shut all of the entry points. Additionally, squirrels usually get into the attic through the roof. They use a tree whose branches are near the roof of your house and jump from there. Squirrels are fast and can jump about six feet. Look closely at the trees surrounding your house for any branches which are within squirrel jumping length and trim them back.

Installing Baffles To Eliminate Squirrels. Become a detective and find all possible ways that the squirrels may be using to enter your home. They may use the wood shingles, climb the surface, metal or plastic drain pipes or the chimney area. Install baffles at all probable points to dissuade the creatures from trying to get in. They may, in some instances, such as on a downspout or tree help stop them from hitting the roof, but it is doubtful.

Much of the response depends on what you need to keep the squirrels away from. If you want to keep them away from your home, cut down most of your trees and have all potential entry spots to your house sealed. Don't leave any food for pets out anywhere. Bird feeders will attract squirrels as well because squirrels like to eat bird seed. There are numerous squirrel repellents on the market, but none of them are have been proven to be successful. If you wish to keep squirrels away from the garden, you might have a little chance if you spray hot sauce or pepper sauce onto your vegetables and flowers. Squirrels aren't particularly partial to the spice when hiding their food. Some folks say to plant some flowers over other flowers to stop squirrels from getting in the bulbs but mostly, there's simply very little you can do against the animals. You can trap them and relocate them most likely others will simply move in and take the place of the ones that you just moved out.

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For those who have a population of squirrels in your yard that have become something of a nuisance in contrast to the entertainment they were when they showed up, then you're probably wondering how to eliminate them. The first step would be to find out what attracts these rodents to your lawn and get rid of it. There are a number of gimmicks surrounding the removal of red squirrels from your lawn and it's safe to say that a lot of them probably don't work.

Usually trapping and relocation is the best option to get rid of red squirrels. There are a variety of types of traps to use - like the kind that will trap more than 1 squirrel at one time. The point is to leave your preferred bait just beyond the trap -t at this stage it isn't set - thoughts vary regarding the best bait but peanut butter is proven to be quite popular. Then prime the trap. As soon as you have trapped all of the squirrels it is possible to relocate them as far as possible away from your home.

Using traps is another method for catching squirrels. The rest of the exit points are sealed and so the animal has no other choice but to use this route. Also, bait or food is put in the trap to lure them. There are traps available on the market that may catch more than 1 squirrel at one time. After the squirrels are gone, you need to close any potential openings which can be used to get into the house. The attic should be cleaned thoroughly. Keep in mind the ammonia trick! Also, squirrels like to chew on things like cables and wires. Check all the wires and cables around the house to find out whether any are damaged and replace them if they are.

One method of chasing squirrels out is using ammonia. However, you will need to put it very carefully and in a suitable way to be safe and effective. The first and most important thing to do is to make certain that the entrance door from your house to the attic is tightly closed and there's absolutely no exit point around it. Make sure that the door is tightly closed before you begin preparing the ammonia. Begin with placing four pans in the four corners of the attic. Also, place a fifth one in the area you know the squirrels are living and fill all the pans with ammonia. Be sure these are half filled. Take a few towels, dip them into ammonia and set them at locations where pans aren't present. If there's an opening that the squirrels are using as a path, don't fix it yet as the squirrels will use this path to escape after catching a whiff of the ammonia. Keep refilling the pans and moving the towels every week. After the squirrels are gone, remove the pans and towels. Other foul smelling things like herbs or moth balls can be used too.