One Way Door For Animal Exclusions
2018 Update to Pest Wildlife Management

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A One-Way Door Can Be Used Instead Of Traps For Some Animals

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One way doors are a excellent way to get squirrels or other wildlife from a house or building. Please bear in mind that this technique will not necessarily solve your squirrel problem - new squirrels will immediately move in to replace the older ones. When there's squirrels in the attic, there's most likely a nest of baby squirrels around. If squirrels are chewing through, excluding them will not stop new ones from doing the same. The situation is often more complicated than just setting one-way doors. And to tell the truth, this technique isn't necessarily simple for beginners

The device should have flanges, or wings on one end, to mount the trap to the construction, and a torsion-spring repeating one-piece doorway leading into the cage. This sort of installation is the best method to take out the target squirrels, rather than traps, which can capture non-target, or incidental creatures.

If there are lots of holes, seal all but one hole, rather the hottest one. All seal-ups should be performed with steel screening, the sort that squirrels can't chew through. And bear in mind, squirrels are terrific chewers! The one time door is a excellent alternative for simply getting all the squirrels from a home, rather than allowing them back in. Do not use this trap if there are places that squirrels can use to chew their way back - just use it on safe homes with well-defined entry/exit holes.