Skunk in house

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What to do if a skunk gets into your home

Although it's not impossible to discover a skunk in your bathroom, kitchen, living room etc., it's a rarity because the shy critter won't intentionally enter into human territory. You can also make certain it is in a rush to get out of there, possibly even more than you are, to get it out.

A skunk has to be handled with care however. Their spray may reach as far as 10 feet from where it's discharged and it causes temporary blindness when it comes in contact with human or pet eyes. And the resulting stink is virtually unimaginable. So, be careful!

If you can wait, simply open the door or door of the space wide and block other exits from this room except the one that leads outside. Watch from afar and let it walk out alone. This may of course, take a while but it's worth a try since it is safe and simple to execute.

The next best thing to do is call in a pest management professional to come and get rid of the skunk. They're experienced and trained in wildlife removal and will know what to do so the critter isn't hurt, and so your property is preserved.

Use a trap rod, sneak up on the skunk, and grab it in the trap. Carry out it quickly and you might just escape getting sprayed.

Some folks choose to shoot the skunk at close range. While the animal may die instantly and in a humane way, you'd then have to manage the bloody carcass. This isn't advisable as each skunk is a possible rabies carrier; it's a health risk. In any case, skunks almost always spray when they're killed.