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What Does Skunk Poop Look Like?

what does Raccoon poop look like

Even though the color, for many common skunks is black and white, but some skunks are brown or gray and others are cream-colored. All skunks are often striped, even from birth. The skunk feces doesn't have stripes.

In neighborhoods, they also eat garbage left by humans. Frequently, they might find themselves behaving like scavengers. That means eating rodent carcasses which are abandoned by cats and other animals and creatures. Many pet owners, especially those who have cats, may experience a skunk finding its way into their garage or cellar in which the pet food is kept. Skunks very often dig holes in lawns or sand searching for worms and grubs.

Skunks are also one of the significant predators of honeybees, in fact they rely on their thick fur to protect them from stings. Skunks scratch in the front of the beehive and instigate many worker bees which come out to investigate. Usually mother skunks are called teachers, because they teach this sort of behavior to their young.

In most circumstances skunks are harmful for many reasons, for example, they damage seeds, vegetables and other farming materials, which consequently may spoil them and can make the property a barren one. Skunks can also damage fields or yards of homes, especially that are usually maintained by the residents.

For instance, if a person spends a whole lot of money on gardening, he/she will definitely not want to waste money and effort also, this is one of those very serious problems faced by the residents of different regions due to the existence of skunks in their yards. Another main issue that makes people want to get rid of skunks is they are extremely smelly, in a sense, they disperse a disgusting type of odor, which for people, becomes nearly an unbearable odor. Another reason people don’t want to have them in their place, is that skunks eat little birds and chicks and even little animals that are kept at home with, residents do not want their pets to be harmed by this small smelly animal. Skunks really make people angry by causing harm to their pets, because pets and birds are like a life for people.

So to keep skunks away you can try glowing lights on the porch or garage or a shed, this is an extremely effective precautionary measure, light makes skunks run off, because skunks usually enter these areas from the shadows, so brightness can limit skunks entering these areas. At night, installing little light bulbs in the area may help in keeping skunks out.

Another very important step is the removal of food. That means cleaning food particles in the garage, or keeping the cat food in the house, since skunks usually go in such areas where food is readily available for them. Eliminating food items can be an additional precaution to keeping skunks out.

These steps will limit skunks entering in garage areas, yards or compact sheds. These measures do not harm skunks; they're the methods to protect skunks from getting in the yard, here the objective is to conserve the occupied area rather than harming skunks, like using electric current cables, or repellents or giving poisonous food or trapping them via a skunk trap; because we do not wish to hurt skunks, just for the sake of protecting our land.