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What kind of bait is best for trapping squirrels?

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I have discovered that the best bait is whole peanuts, in the shell. Peanut butter is fantastic also, so I use a mix. I spread some peanut butter on the plate, and stick some peanuts on top. Other elements, such as type of trap, where it's set, and how it's set, are a lot more important.

Kinds Of Bait To Use To Trap Squirrels: For people who have a squirrel in their house or property you would like to get them out as soon as possible. You might have already gotten the traps but traps are just as effective as the bait that you place in them. You can't expect a squirrel to go to a trap if there is not anything inside; they might be curious critters, but they're not that curious. There are a lot of things that you could try but now we'll be discussing the best kinds of bait to get the squirrel into the trap. Additionally it is helpful to know where to put the trap, because that bait won't work unless the squirrel sees it or smells it. Follow these directions and you'll get that squirrel out of your home in no time whatsoever.

Don't Use Poisons! A lot of people may use poisons and that may be a huge mistake. That may create problems for you if you've got pets or children. If the bait falls and the squirrel doesn't find it, then there's a possibility that your dog or your cat will. But that isn't the only problem; assume the squirrel does locate the bait; then that squirrel can enter its hiding place and die there. If this place is in the wall then you'll have two choices: live with the odor of a dead squirrel for a few weeks or make a hole in your wall to get to the dead squirrel.

Nuts And Other Seeds If you've noticed a squirrel on a cartoon and they’re usually pictured eating nuts, there's a reason for this; they love nuts. That's the reason peanut butter works so beautifully. If the squirrel you're attempting to trap doesn't seem interested in peanut butter then give peanuts and sunflower seeds a go. Do not take them out of the shell; actually keep them inside. Be sure they are unsalted and you've got the 2nd best sort of bait which you can place in a trap. As a suggestion don't give up on the peanut butter, but instead give two incentives. If you're still having difficulties trapping your squirrels, give a wildlife control company a call.