How To Get A Squirrel Out Of The Chimney

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So you think there is a squirrel in your chimney?

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Whether it is a brick, rock, or mortar chimney, the squirrel will not have any trouble getting in and out, in which case you can trap or exclude the peak of the flu. When it's a slick metallic tube flu, then the squirrel can get stuck at the bottom.

Don't, under any conditions, start a fire. You may cook baby squirrels, the adult will leap from the open damper into the home.

It's somewhat simple for a squirrel to become trapped in your chimney. Trapped in the way that it can not escape or climb its way out after falling through. The reason a squirrel can enter your chimney is because it's a little area where it could get protection from the weather. The issue with that is it can be a great deal more harmful for the squirrel inside your chimney, than it might have been outside. Squirrels are among wildlife animals which are most likely to wind up in your chimney due to their ability to climb. When the squirrel is inside it's an excellent home because it's warm and dry. The squirrel may observe the chimney as a hollow tree that's excellent for them to live in especially in the winter. The thing is that once a squirrel drops in, it can be tricky to get out based on the walls in the chimney.

Obtaining The Squirrel Out Yourself - When the squirrel is in the chimney as it's trapped then the best thing you could do is to give it a way to escape. The simplest way to achieve this is to use a rope. A rope has a surface which makes it effortless to get a squirrel to climb. A weak or injured squirrel could have the ability to climb it with ease. If the squirrel doesn't come out right away don't take away the rope. Do not forget that it could be scared or might be reluctant to come out with you there. Leave the rope for a few hours and check again.

There are chimney caps which enable a homeowner keep squirrels and other kinds of wildlife out of the chimney. They're easy to install and aren't expensive at all. You also need to keep your eye out for squirrels. The first indication that they're about to make it in your chimney is you will see them only beyond the chimney quite early in the morning and sometimes at night. If you see that it is time to get them out of there until one gets trapped and it's too late.

If These Techniques Fail - When eliminating wildlife, particularly from a place like your chimney there are dangers that a individual doing the job is undertaking. You may encounter difficulty with getting on the roof or maybe you have difficulty getting the squirrel to use any of your aids to escape the chimney. Individuals who do this type of work professionally will have equipment and techniques required to get the work done quickly and without damage to your property. Squirrels are quick and though they might not be moving a lot if they are trapped in your chimney, the moment they see a chance to get out they may do this fast which could startle you. If you become startled while on the roof of your home it may result in a severe injury and if you're nervous around wild animals it's going to be quite easy to become startled.