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These Things Bring Raccoons To The Yard

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With the increase of the human population around the world, there are lots of animal species which were influenced by the urbanization of the natural habitats, and while some have faltered, other species have flourished with such changes. One species that has been successful in adapting to their changing environment, especially in North America is the raccoon, which are found throughout much of america. So understanding what attracts those creatures can allow you to take care of the issue and to try to remove a few of those appealing features.

One of the big reasons which will attract many species to a specific area will be the existence of potential food sources, and this is a fact that's definitely a reality when it comes to raccoons too. Among the significant features that may draw raccoons is simple food resources, and this may mean garbage with food waste that's stored in thin garbage sacks will be appealing to the animals, whilst pet food being abandoned in readily accessible locations may also be a feature that will draw the raccoons. It's important to not forget it is the odor of this food that will bring the animals to the area first, so handling the scent is nearly as important as securing the food itself.

Where Do Raccoons Earn Their Dens?: Male raccoons are usually quite solitary animals, so in case you do have a issue with a raccoon developing a den in or around your premises, then it will often be in the spring once the female is attempting to discover a den to raise her young. They will usually search for dark and warm places, which may include a disused burrow in the wild, but in urban areas it may mean raccoons make their dens in older buildings, attics or under porches in domestic properties. This can be a huge issue for homeowners since raccoons will be territorial and a female will guard her young, and will also cause quite a great deal of disturbance for those who are around the raccoons and their nest.

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Maintaining Raccoons Away From Your Home: You should also look to make sure that garbage and pet food is stored in solid cans with a lid to minimize any odor that may also draw the animals to the area around your dwelling. If you have any fruit plants or trees, then making certain any fallen fruit from these can also be promptly removed can help reduce the attraction to raccoons, who will gobble this up.

Should you find a raccoon is beginning to cause a nuisance around your premises, the initial indications will frequently be garbage bags and pet food sacks being ripped open, and you need to act quickly to attempt to deal with this. Sometimes you may keep them away. Trapping and removal is the best way to manage raccoons, but since they are rather large animals you might choose to hire an expert to perform the work, since it's not always simple to complete. Having trapped the raccoon, you should also check to find out whether there are any baby raccoons to be relocated too, as they'll often stay in the nest while their mom is searching for food.