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During the spring and fall months the calls for squirrels increases a great deal for 24/7 Wildlife Removal. This is their mating season but because of the usually warm weather Palm Bay has, squirrels can create problems for homeowners at any time of the year.

Squirrels are very resourceful animals and if they cannot find access to your home they can make their own by chewing through most types of home building materials. Most squirrels will exploit existing openings in the structure of your home using openings in the roof line, underneath shingles, small openings in roof over hangs, loose fascia or soffits and even roof vent openings to gain access to your attic. You will know you have squirrels when you hear the animals running overhead during the daytime hours, they are not nocturnal like rodents, seeing the animals leaving holes in your home or structure, and when you see evidence of chewing on items to create nests.

In Palm Bay, Florida squirrels. are more than a nuisance. They will chew on wires, electrical and security systems, they will make holes in the walls, they will chew on the air conditioning ducting, and their nests can clog roof vents creating fire hazards. You should call 24/7 Wildlife Removal immediately if you think you have squirrels in your attic in Palm Bay FL. We will set live, humane traps for the squirrels and remove them to an area where humans and homes are not found. After complete removal we will return, clean and sanitize your home, and seal all entry points created by the squirrels. All of our squirrel work is guaranteed with a one to three-year renewable warranty.