How To Get Raccoons Out Of THe Attic
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Removing Raccoons From the Attic

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Among the most frequent, and challenging, tasks that I deal with as a nuisance pest control specialist is a case of raccoons in the attic. It's not a simple thing to look after! The thing is that there are nearly ALWAYS baby raccoons in the attic, along with an adult female. The young are helpless in a nesting area of the attic, and can not be trapped. They need to be removed by hand - the wildlife technician you employ must enter the attic and eliminate the infants by hand. You can then use them to trap the female raccoon, and get them all out at once, thus helping you to relocate all of them together (if you desire, or if state law allows it).

Step One: Proceed in the attic and find and get rid of the litter of baby raccoon pups. 90 percent of the time, there'll be young pups, even if you did not know that. There are usually 3-5 of these. If you can not find them, sit still for up to 30 minutes, until you hear them . If mamma raccoon is nearby, she might attack.

Step Two: Grab the adult female. You've got several options here. You can really mount a trap on the entrance / exit hole and scare her from the attic and into the trap. Or, if she sticks around in the attic to defend her pups, you can catch her with a trap pole and cage her. Or, if you have the pups and she is not there, you can really use the pups as live bait to trap her. NOTE: In the rare instance where there are no pups, you are able to trap adults in the standard manner.

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Step Three: After all of the raccoons are outside, you need to seal the entrance point(s) closed, as noticed below. If you do not, new creatures will move into your attic shortly. The raccoons living there gave it an odor which may attract new wildlife quickly. There is also the matter of this clutter that the raccoons have left behind in the attic, which frequently must be cleaned up.